Tamil fans don’t watch Hindi movies.. It’s sad.. Actress Jyotika is sad..!

Imported from the north, the beautiful Rakshasi actress Jyotika Vali attracted fans with her wild mane in the film.

She is an actress who has acted in many languages ​​like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. She is also one of the actresses who have given many mass kid films.

Actress Jyothika..

As far as Tamil is concerned, actress Jyotika, who has acted in pairs with many leading actors, took Suriya’s hand with her parents’ consent after falling in love with Surya.

After this, Jyothika, who is focusing on acting in films after her marriage, has also started acting in Bollywood films.

Actress Jyothika, who can be very busy on social media, has now become a trending interview on the internet.

Jyothika 2

Actress Jyothika, who was a fan-favorite dream girl in the 90s, captivated the youth with her beautiful looks and sizzling acting.

And seeing his body expression, Asanda fans have said that he expresses a bit too much when talking about him.

Tamil fans don’t watch Hindi movies..

When she first started acting in films, she acted only in commercial films, but day by day she has also acted in films that focus on women.

In this case, she played the role of Chandramukhi in the film Chandramukhi and became an actress who dubbed herself a superstar.

After the release of the movie Saithan in his acting, now the movie Srikanth has been released and it has been well received by the people.

Jyothika 3.avif

I did not expect to get such a reception in Bollywood after 25 years of not doing anything like this. He said that this reception has surprised me.

Apart from that, he may have expressed the opinion that he did not act because he did not find any suitable story in Bollywood and said that cinema should not be divided into South Indian and North Indian fans.

Jyotika’s agony..

Also, there are fans in North India who watch more South Indian films.

Jyothika 4

After this, fans have not only heard this but also are saying that there is truth in what Jyotika is saying.

So they are saying that South Indian fans will have to watch Hindi films in the coming days.

And because they don’t know Hindi, most of the South Indian fans don’t like Hindi movies and say that language is not important for art.

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