Tamil Nadu Assembly session… 4 days before… date change notice!

Tamil Nadu Assembly session 4 days before date change notice

The DMK-led alliance won a landslide victory in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Tamil Nadu. Captured 40 out of 40. In this context it was planned to convene the next session of the Legislative Assembly. A few days ago, it was announced that the conference will start on June 24.

Tamil Nadu Government Notification

In this case, a sudden change has been made. In a press release published by the Principal Secretary of Tamil Nadu Chief Secretariat K. Srinivasan, it has been announced that the next meeting will start on June 20 at 10 am instead of June 24.

Interview with father

Talking to the media in Nella, Speaker Appavu said that due to the announcement of the Vikravandi by-election date, the legislative assembly will meet on June 20 instead of June 24. Tomorrow morning at 11 am I will administer the oath of office to Tarakai Katpat who won the by-election in Kanyakumari District Vilavankot in the Legislative Assembly Speaker’s office.

Conclusion of the official review meeting

At 11.30 the Rules Committee meeting is held in my room. Then at 12 o’clock the duty review committee meeting will be held and from 20th the Legislative Assembly session can be continued for as many days as possible. He informed that a decision will be taken on which dates and which grant requests can be taken up for discussion.

The Manjolai Affair

Following this, it was reported that tea plantation workers in Mancholai and other areas of the Western Ghats have applied for voluntary leave. But it was said that strict restrictions and conditions have been imposed on it and no negotiations have been conducted on the part of the government.

Definitely a good decision

When asked about this from Speaker Appavu, the company that is currently being run has a lease till 2028. A reminder letter has already been issued by the forest department last year. In this context, the employees working there have demanded that the government accept and run the tea estate. Appavu said that I hope this government will definitely take a good decision.

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