Tamilisai Criticize DMK Govt Over Dengue Control Issue : You Said You Will Eliminate Sanathana.. First Get Rid Of This

Tamilisai Soundararajan, who served as the Governor of Telangana and Lt. Governor of Puducherry, resigned from his post in March. Later he rejoined the BJP and was announced as the candidate for the South Chennai Lok Sabha seat. Tamilisai, who has been actively campaigning throughout the constituency, has been criticizing the DMK.

In this situation Tamilisai Soundararajan inaugurated the Summer Thirst Quenching Water Pandal organized by the Chennai Virukampakkam BJP officials. He distributed fresh water, cucumbers, watermelons, kirni fruits and food to the common people.

Speaking to the media later, Tamilisai said, “We opened the water pandal thinking that it would be too hot. But, now that the rains have come, we have also served food. We were all anxious for the summer heat to subside. I am also kind of happy that the sun has set. Ponds fill up because of rain. If the ponds are full, the lotus will bloom,” he said.

He continued, “The biggest question mark is whether people are happy in Tamil Nadu. There is a lot more drug traffic here than we think. Young people are the most affected by addiction. Knives and guns are carried in the buses. The mercenary culture has made a comeback in Tamil Nadu. Murder, robbery and theft have increased. The Tamil Nadu government should respond to all this.

Today is Dengue Day. They said that they will eradicate Sanatana like dengue. However, they did not eliminate dengue itself. Dengue fever has increased in 10 districts. Therefore, the government should immediately engage in preventive measures against dengue. Now it has started raining. It is not known how much rain preparation measures have been taken. Therefore, the government should immediately engage in flood prevention measures. The government should ensure that people are safe,” he said.

Also, “Prime Minister Modi’s property value has not increased. He also has the same property as an ordinary citizen. We have to see that the Prime Minister is simple. While other parties are doing succession politics, the Prime Minister says that I am only for the people,” Tamilisai Soundararajan said.

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