The actor who dared to sell his daughter for money..

In Bollywood cinema, the dynastic heirs are more and more in the film industry. Without them, there would be very few people who came to the screen world from outside and became famous.

In other words, it can be said that for three generations, Bollywood cinema has been under the control of such lineages. Actress Sara Ali Khan entered the cinema as the daughter of the famous Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan.

Saif Ali Khan belongs to Zameen family. Since he is rich, he entered Bollywood cinema very easily. After that, being his daughter, Sara Ali made an easy entry into Bollywood.

Introduction in Bollywood:

She first made her debut as a female lead in the 2018 film Kedarnath starring actor Sushant Singh. Sara Alikhan Once there was a huge flood in Kedarnath, the main Shiva site in India and all the villages around Kedarnath were flooded.

Sara Ali Khan also became a popular actress after the Kedarnath film based on it became a huge hit. While speaking in an interview recently, he talked about some controversial things.

Sarah Alikan Interview:

He was asked if you were to marry whom would you marry? Sara Ali Khan replied, “I will marry Ranbir Kapoor and if you were to go on a date, who would you go on a date with?”

sara ali khan 1

To that, he mentioned the name of another Bollywood celebrity and said that he will go on a date with her. After that, his father Saif Ali Khan, who was nearby, asked the boy if he had any money.

Saif Ali Khan has openly asked his father that if he has money, will he leave me with anyone? Famous film critic Bailwan Ranganathan has said this in a video.

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