The matter in Premji’s horoscope has happened.. Do you know this matter..?

Premji Amaran is the younger son of composer Gangai Amaran, younger brother of musician Ilayaraja.

He is a film actor, music composer, song writer and singer.

Actor Premji:

Ganga Amaran has two sons. Venkat Prabhu is a famous director in Tamil cinema.

His younger brother is Premji. It is notable that Premji has acted in character roles and comedy roles in various films of his brother’s direction.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s cousin Premji Amaran has sung most of the rap songs composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

He worked with him and was a popular singer. He has also remixed the song Lusu Panne, which was first featured in the movie Vallavan.

Also, he is an ardent fan of Ajith. He acted in the movie Mangatha with Ajith.

Also, he became popular among people through his compelling character by acting in some movies including Chetai, Goa, Chennai 28, etc.

47-year-old Rogue Single:

Premji, who was seen as a comedy actor, was 47 years old and still unmarried.

Even on the t-shirt he wears from time to time, he wears a t-shirt with the words “ruddy single” written on it, so he doesn’t like marriage? They asked many questions.

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But, Premji is trending on social media by describing the sexy photos that many actresses post.

Currently, his elder brother Venkat Prabhu is directing a film called Phap Kot with Vijay. Premji has played the lead role in the film.

Always an ardent fan of Ajith who has acted with him in films, Premji is currently acting in Vijay’s film, so fans are eagerly waiting to see how his performance will be in this film.

Sudden Marriage:

At this time, Premji suddenly announced his marriage a few days ago.

His brother Venkat Prabhu later confirmed it as fans said that no one could believe it.

Yes, he had said that he was indeed married to Premji. He got married in a very simple manner at Murugan temple in Tiruthani yesterday.

He is married to a girl named Indu from Salem. He is said to be working in a bank.

It is said that only close relatives and friends of Premji’s two families attended the wedding and congratulated the bride and groom.

Also, the group photos of Vaibhav, Jai, Siva, Arvind, Akash, VJ Ramya etc. were also released on the internet and went viral.

In this case, Premji said in an interview that what he had put in his horoscope many years ago about his marriage and his future wife has surprised the fans.

Yes, my mother told me something in an interview a few years ago. That is, when I go through my horoscope, if my wife tells me to buy a saree that is drying on the vine, I will take that saree, wash it, fold it and bring it back perfect.

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Event according to Horoscope:

If my wife asks me to do something, I will do it better. Premji said that my mother told me then that she would do 10 jobs if given.

Now this video is trending on social media. Yes, that means the woman Premji is marrying is a Hindu…. He said that we can get married in Tiruthani Temple very simply.

Premji, who did not hesitate to talk to his wife, immediately agreed to her without any objection and got married in a very simple way at Tiruthani Temple.

Fans who saw this… Premji has started listening to his wife as per the horoscope. They are commenting that what was in the horoscope has started happening.

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