The new Creta EV will be launched in January 2025, Hyundai has confirmed

Hyundai has confirmed that it will launch its new mass market electric car, the Creta EV, in January 2025.

The company is already selling Kona Electric and Ionic 5 electric cars in the Indian electric car market.

The Creta EV will compete with the Tata Curve EV, MG ZS EV and Maruti eVX electric cars. Of these, the MG ZS EV is already on sale, while the Tata Curve EV and the Maruti eVX are soon to be launched.

Creta EV to be manufactured in Chennai:

Creta EV to be manufactured in Chennai:

Hyundai plans to manufacture the Creta EV model at its manufacturing plant in Chennai on the same production line as the Creta fuel car.

The launch of Maruti’s first electric car, the eVX electric SUV, is said to be slightly delayed. So, Hyundai is going to launch their eVX model before the launch of that model.

What has changed from the Creta fuel model?

What has changed from the Creta fuel model?

The Creta EV gets only minor design changes from the standard Creta petrol car. We cannot expect any major changes.

It seems that Hyundai may have taken this decision to reduce the production cost of the new Creta electric car.

But we can expect an electric car-specific covered grille, new bumpers and alloy wheels to help with aerodynamics as design changes.

Creta Electric Car Powertrain:

Creta Electric Car Powertrain:

The same electric motor used in the entry-level variants of the new generation Kona Electric model sold by Hyundai overseas will also be used in the Creta EV.

This electric motor is capable of producing 138hp of power and 255Nm of torque. Hyundai will also use a 45kWh battery pack in the Creta EV.

This is smaller than the 50.3kWh battery pack used in the MG ZS EV. More to the point, it is smaller than the 48kWh battery that will be offered in Maruti’s upcoming new electric eVX model.

Like the Kona electric car, Hyundai is going to provide a front charging port on the new Creta EV as well.

Hyundai Mass Market Electric Cars:

Hyundai Mass Market Electric Cars:

Although Hyundai is selling two electric cars in India as mentioned above, they are not appealing to the majority of Indian car buyers due to their slightly higher prices.

It is not unknown to Hyundai, India’s second largest selling car company. Therefore, the company is showing interest in selling low-cost electric cars.

Hyundai also wants to be the leader in electric car sales by launching the Creta EV, which is based on one of the best-selling SUVs here, the Creta.

Not stopping with the Creta EV as a mass market electric car, the company also plans to launch a new compact electric car in 2026. The company will introduce five new electric cars by 2030.

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