The Red Sea will shake again… Iran’s arms dealing game… America is panicking!

The latest update in the war against Hamas is that the Israeli army has entered the town of Rafah and is preparing for a major offensive. In this regard, the evacuation of the Palestinian people there is being carried out gradually with the help of various countries. Meanwhile, Yemen’s Houthi rebel forces stepped in to support Hamas forces.

Attack on the Red Sea

Israel attacks the ships of pro-Israeli countries in the Red Sea and greatly disrupts global maritime trade. In order to suppress this, the United States and British air forces directly entered the airspace of Yemen. Bombs rained down on the camps of the Houthi forces. However, they are not contained.

Iran behind the Houthis

Unexpectedly, the Red Sea is seen with tension due to drone attacks and missile attacks. If you look at who is helping the Houthi forces, Iran is at the forefront. It is said that they are the ones who raised the Houthi forces. So those who cannot suppress the Houthis are making direct demands to Iran. Some countries have issued warnings.

Weapons aids

It is in this context that the United States has observed Iran providing arms to the Houthi forces. If left like this, the Red Sea will not survive. The tranquility of maritime trade will be disturbed. Therefore, the United States has asked Iran not to provide arms to the Houthis.

Continued tension in Gaza

The Houthis are the main cause of the civil war in Yemen. Now they are supporting the Hamas forces in Gaza and creating fear of war outside. But the Houthi forces do not seem to be pacified so easily. The main reason for the strikes in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden was to end the war on Gaza, Israel said.

Tension again

More than 50 have been reported, including the attack in the Red Sea. Houthi forces appeared to be retreating slightly after the US attack. There has been no tension in the Red Sea for the past few weeks. But given Iran’s arms deals, it seems that tensions could flare up at any time.

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