The star-studded actress became the heroine for the son actor after adjusting with the father actor..!

It can be said that there is always no shortage of adjustments in Tamil cinema. Actresses always have to fight to get opportunities in cinema. In that way, the recent adjustment that happened to an actor is becoming the most talked about thing.

This actor has success in his own name. So far he has acted in more than 300 films in Tamil. Generally speaking, after acting in 100 movies in Tamil, they are big celebrities.

If that is the case, think how famous he will be after acting in 300 films. Even after acting in 300 films, he is still a marketable actor in the film industry.

Panchayat Actor:

Generally speaking, his face comes to mind when Panchayat is mentioned in cinema, so he has many connections between the film industry and Panchayat.

It is said that he does a lot of panchayat in the film industry and does the same in his home. Even in real life he is living in the middle of much crisis. While his first wife is still alive, he is in love with another actress.

Then he is married to that actress. He also has a panchayat with the daughters born to the second married actress. There are rumors that there is a property dispute between the daughters and him.

Actress who gave room for opportunity:

This panchayat actor has been saying that there is no need for any panchayat in this situation and he has his work to do without making any big fuss.

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Meanwhile, he is currently dating the young actress again. He wanted the actress to play the lead role in his son’s film.

For this, the panchayat actor also agreed to make an adjustment with him, and the relationship between them has developed.

The issue has now come into the public domain and has stirred up quite a bit of controversy. This matter is becoming more and more talked about as famous film journalist Vidhagan Shekhar recently shared this information in his YouTube video.

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