The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly session will begin on June 20 – Dad

The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly session will begin on June

Speaker Appavu has said that the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly will begin on June 20. Earlier it was announced to start on June 24, but now it is starting early.

The 2024 legislative session was held on February 12. In that meeting, Tamil Nadu Budget and Agriculture Budget were presented and discussions took place. After this the assembly was adjourned without specifying a date.

In this situation, on the 7th in Chennai, Speaker Appavu met the media and said that the public discussion of the budget for the year 2024-2025 was completed. But the discussion and voting on the grant request did not take place. So I have convened the Legislative Assembly on 24th June. How many days from that day the discussion on the grant request should be held and on which date the discussion on which grant requests should be held will be decided in the meeting of the duty review committee. He said that we will decide on a date before June 24.

In this situation, Speaker Appavu, who met the press in Tirunelveli today, said, “The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly session will start on June 20 instead of June 24. As the by-election notification for Vikravandi constituency has been announced, the Assembly starts earlier. The legislative session begins on June 20 for discussions on the grant request. Tarakai Khatpat, the Congress candidate who won the Vilavankode assembly seat, will be sworn in tomorrow (June 12) at 11 am. “An official review meeting will be held at the Legislative Assembly Speaker’s office tomorrow,” he said.

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