These are the 6 reasons why women want to be single.. It may be funny to hear.. but it’s true!

Most people think that marriage and children will bring happiness in women’s lives.

But in fact, experts report that single women are happier and healthier than women who are married and have children.

What makes single women happier in life?

Spending time with friends and relatives

Even when you are single you can talk to others without fear. Thus, the friendship circle will increase. They can spend their time with friends and relatives as they wish.

However, married women cannot talk to everyone like that. Apart from that, even if you want to meet friends or relatives, you have to ask your husband’s permission.

Less stress

Usually when we are restricted to do the things we like it can cause some kind of stress. Apart from that, family responsibilities and welfare of children can make you run without time to even stop.

But single women don’t have that worry. You can do whatever you want without any restrictions. Thus, the word stress has no place.

Physical health

Being single means you are more likely to spend time alone. Thus, they engage in exercise to make themselves look good and improve their health. If you do exercise, half of the diseases will not occur in the body.

But married women don’t have time to take care of themselves. Especially when the baby is born, they experience many physical problems like hip pain, back pain, weight gain, depression. Health is in question here.

Increases self-confidence

Feelings are always calm when single. Can go to favorite task. Problems can be solved alone. All these will increase a woman’s confidence more and more.

But married women are not like that. Family and child will be around them. As a result, feelings are not settled. Support is needed to overcome problems.

You can do what you like and be happy

When you are single, you can eat your favorite foods, wear your favorite clothes, go to your favorite places, and buy your favorite things.

It will bring unspeakable happiness to the mind. Apart from that, more time will be available to achieve the goals. This will create the attitude that we are earning on our own.

Sleep peacefully

Being single gives you more time to sleep. No matter like family responsibility, child, husband does not affect them.

Life is heaven if you have restful sleep. Thus, the chances of health problems are also less.