This actor is always having fun with 10 women in the caravan.

Director and actor Manivannan is one of the directors who directs more political films in Tamil cinema.

Mostly Manivannan knows all kinds of politics up to world politics. It can be said that he has been involved in politics continuously.

Similarly, Manivannan has also made controversial comments about many celebrities in politics. Manivannan made his debut as a screenwriter in the 1980 film Shithala.


Initially, Manivannan used to write dialogues and stories for films. In that way, Manivannan has written the dialogues for movies like Aalali Oithillai, Agaya Gangai, Kadhal Oviman.

Manivannan Entry:

The first movie he directed was Gopurangal Saivatthillai. The first film in which Mohan played the lead role brought him good success.

Manivannan directed movies like Jyothi and Yohla Kalam. All the movies directed by Manivannan with actor Sathyaraj have given great success. Peace Corps is an important movie among them.

Manivannan’s political knowledge was shown in the film Peaceful, which was an important film for Sathyaraj.

Achievements as an Actor:

At the same time, Manivannan has been very successful as an actor. Manivannan has acted in more than 400 movies so far. As he was able to perform well in any role he was playing, he was constantly getting opportunities as an actor.

In this situation, actor Sarapambu Subbaraj has made controversial comments about Manivannan. He has acted in comedy roles in many films with Vadivelu. After one level, he did not get opportunities in cinema.


Incident in Caravan:

Sarapambu Subbaraj has also criticized Vadivelu in interviews. He has shared his experience of working with Manivannan in this capacity. It is said that Manivannan was the first person to buy a caravan in Tamil cinema.

After Manivannan, actor Raghuvaran bought a caravan in the cinema. Whenever seen, Manivannan is in his caravan with 10 women. A person who can always be jovial and doesn’t care about anything too much. Sarapambu Subbaraj says that even when he comes to the shootings, Manivannan tells comedies with double meaning to make people laugh.

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