This is the mistake of the Tamil Nadu government – points out EPS

AIADMK General Secretary Edappadi Palaniswami has said that the decision taken by officials to participate in Cauvery Management Committee meetings online is wrong.

In a statement issued in this regard, he said, “The government of Tamil Nadu has been deteriorating for the past three years under the hands of the Vidya DMK government, which came to power by making various promises that could not be fulfilled, and the people of Tamil Nadu are also facing various kinds of hardships. This Vidya DMK government has pawned the interests and rights of the people of Tamil Nadu to the neighboring states for their selfish interests and for the businesses run by their families.

Even when their ally Congress is in power in Karnataka, Mr. Puppet Chief Minister is playing a hypocritical drama without asking for the rightful water from Tamil Nadu in Cauvery. M.K. Stalin. The news that the DMK government has banned Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department officials from directly attending the Cauvery water regularization committee meeting to be held in Delhi is shocking.

177.25 TMC from Cauvery annually to Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court ordered that Karnataka should supply the water. Accordingly, Cauvery Management Authority and Cauvery Water Regulation Committee have been set up as per the Supreme Court order to ensure that water is supplied regularly every month. The regularization committee should make necessary recommendations for Cauvery management. The meetings of these organizations are usually held in Delhi.

Officials from the member states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry and Karnataka will travel to Delhi to participate in the meeting and emphasize the views of their states. There are reports that the Water Resources Department Secretary has ordered that the Tamil Nadu government officials should participate in the Cauvery Management Board meeting online instead of going to Delhi. Rather than the Cauvery Management Authority, only the Cauvery water regularization meeting can hold solid discussions and protect Tamil Nadu’s rights. Ever since the Vidya DMK government took office, there have been reports of water resource officials accusing their colleagues of not discussing Tamil Nadu’s rights seriously in these meetings.

In the last Cauvery Management Commission meeting held in Delhi, without the knowledge of the representatives of Tamil Nadu, it was decided to bring the Meghadatu Dam construction issue to the attention of the Central Water Resources Department. I had issued a statement condemning it then. The Water Resources Minister himself had confessed that the Secretary of Water Resources who participated in the meeting had been cheated. Delta farmers are questioning whether Tamil Nadu’s rightful voice will be fully heard while participating online if this is the case while participating in person.

In this situation, this fraudulent model government, which should have worked carefully on the Meghadatu Dam and Cauvery water issues, decided that officials will now participate in Cauvery Management Committee meetings through online mode. I strongly condemn this hypocritical drama Vidya DMK government, which wants to run the businesses of their families without any hindrance, leaving the rights of Tamil Nadu as a mortgage at the feet of the Karnataka Congress government. “I urge the Vidya DMK government to abandon the decision that the officials will participate online in the Cauvery-related meetings held in Delhi and participate in person,” he said.

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