This is what Dhoni said when he saw it..! Love Today Ivana Open Talk..!

Actress Ivana is one of the emerging young actresses in Tamil cinema. Hailing from Ernakulam, Kerala, he first started acting in Malayalam films.

After that, Ivana got the status of a star actress of Tamil cinema in a short period of time when she got an opportunity in Tamil films.

Actress Ivana:

It is noteworthy that Ivana, who is only 24 years old, is seen as a popular actress at a very young age.

Ivana first acted in the movie “Nachiyar” starring Jyothika directed by Bala, one of the famous directors of Tamil cinema.

He played the lead role in that movie. Although Jyotika was the heroine of the film, Ivana’s performance was highly talked about.

That’s why Jyotika himself was on stage praising and appreciating Ivana’s performance to the extent that Ivana was the heroine of the film.

Nachiyar Movie Introduction:

The first film gave him a mark on another level and he got the opportunity to act in successive films.

However, he did not act in some films as he wanted to focus on acting. After that, she again won the hearts of young fans by acting as the heroine in the movie Love Today directed by Pradeep Ranganathan.

The film was a huge success and his performance was widely talked about. His market is also sitting at the peak.

Following the huge success of the film, Ivana starred opposite Harish Kalyan in Let’s Get Married (LGM).


Actress Nadia played the lead role in the romantic comedy movie LGM.

Along with them, Yogi Babu and others acted in supporting roles in this movie. Dhoni produced through his own production company Dhoni Entertainment.

Experience of meeting Dhoni:

In a recent interview, actress Ivana spoke about the experience of meeting Dhoni for the first time for the film.

It was during the audio launch of LGM that I got to meet Dhoni and his wife Sakshi.

At that time when crores of fans were waiting there to meet Dhoni sir. I saw it as a great thing that I got a chance to meet him.

I was very nervous then. I met him with a fear. I didn’t get any speech at that time.

But he spoke very softly and sweetly. But only one thing…. As soon as he saw what he said I don’t like you. It was very shocking to me.

Immediately I… why sir? what happened? I asked. In that film, I will separate my character mother and boy a little bit.

Dhoni said straight to his face:

He did not like that one scene. Because Dhoni is mother’s son. He likes his mother so much. So he said I don’t like you because he didn’t like me acting in such a scene.

dhoni 1

This is how our meeting happened. Ivana said in that interview that I will never forget the day I met him.

Although this is an old interview, it is noteworthy that it is now gaining everyone’s attention and going viral.

This is what Dhoni said when he saw the post..! Love Today Ivana Open Talk..! | cinema News.

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