This is why I’m stuck.. What’s the problem? Did you hear what Simbu is saying?

Even at the age of 41, actor Simbu is the one who has lost the market for a few years after acting in a series of flops, but his mouse and fan base have not decreased.

His fan base has not given up on him and will not leave him even after facing a series of flop films.

Actor Simbu:

Simbu has such a devoted fan base. He started acting in Tamil films as a little superstar and became a popular child star.

It was with the help of his father T Rajendran that he continued to maintain his position as a leading actor.

Simbu is seen as a great hero today because of the way he matured. He scored a round by acting as a child star in various movies.

He later made his debut as a hero through the movie Kadhal Vashutthillai. Meanwhile, Simbu continued to act in various super hit movies and became a popular actor in Tamil cinema.

Hit Movies:

In particular, Simbu acted in various movies including Alai, Kovil, Kuthu, Manmadhan, Vallavan, Acham Enna Madamaiyada, Kandere, Chekkach Chivanda Vaanam, Vendu Thanithan, 10 Thala and gave huge hits.

If the film is directed by Simbu, it will be a huge success and a huge achievement in terms of collection, so the producers and distributors believed in Simbu and came forward to make the film.

simbu kamal

It was when he was at the height of his fame that Simbu started dancing to get a little bit of a headache.

Yes, dragging out the shootings of films that have a contract. It used to be like this that he did not go to the shooting of the film after taking the advance money.

Red card for Simbu again?

That’s why they gave Simbu a red card and prevented him from acting in the film. After that, after many years, he again starts the second innings and continues to perform.

In this case, it is popular now. Simbu is playing one of the main roles in the movie Thak Life, directed by Mani Ratnam, the first director of Tamil cinema, and starring Kamala Haasan.

except that. Rumors that Simbu will also star in his own production, a fantasy historical film directed by Desingu Periyasamy, have added to the anticipation of the film.

Meanwhile, famous producer Isari Ganesh had filed a sensational complaint against actor Simbu in the production association, which was seen as the biggest controversy.

Not only that, Dhanush also gave a shock to Simbu’s fans. In that complaint, I was making a film with Simbu.

He alleged that Simbu did not act in that movie as we both talked and signed an agreement.

Let me tell you the truth:

The news went viral that a record was set for Simbu due to this issue. Speaking to the media, Simbu said, “I am currently acting with Kamal Haasan in Thak Life, which gives me great joy.

Ishari K. Ganesh

Those who speak the truth suffer the most in this world. Yes, I get stuck like this because I speak the truth. This is why I keep having problems around me. true

I have spoken a lot of truth and the record is not set for me. Aishwarya Ganesar and I had a little problem.

But, it has been settled later on so actor Simbu has put an end to this news saying not to spread rumours.

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