Trisha gave all that! Suchitra broke the secret!

Suchitra singer about Trisha

Chennai : Singer Suchitra has accused Trisha herself of giving Suzy Leakes photos.

The issue that erupted into a major controversy in Tamil cinema in 2017 is the issue of ‘Sushi Leaks’. Famous singer Suchitra created a sensation at that time by publishing secret photos of many celebrities under the name ‘Susi Leaks’.

Due to this, we can even say that singer Suchitra suffered a setback in the film industry. Suchitra, who has not done a lot of songs for the past few years, also participated in Bigg Boss Season 4. Following this, he has stirred controversy again through an interview given to a media recently.

A few days ago, he participated in an interview and criticized Dhanush, Karthik Kumar, and actor Ranganathan, which has become a talking point. In that interview, he did not leave out actress Trisha. He has also talked about Trisha. Suchitra said, “All the photos published under the name of Susi Leaks were given by Trisha.

But after those photos went viral, Trisha posted on her social media pages, I am very hurt,” he tweeted. All this was done by all of them as a gang, including Trisha. Once Trisha asked me to publish her personal photo and said that I did it for Frank,” singer Suchitra said with trepidation.

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