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Actress Kanaka made her debut in Tamil cinema with the blockbuster hit Karakatakkaran for more than a year. If there is one actress Patti Thani who became famous everywhere in the very first film, it is actress Kanaka.

To that extent, the film Karakatakkaran is the highest grossing film in Tamil Nadu. Actress Kanaka can be said to be an actress with a cinematic background. Actress Kanaka was born to actress Devika and director Devadas.

Twin at birth:

Actress Kanaka was born as twins. But another child born to him is said to have died at birth. Kanaka’s birth name is said to be Lakshmi Priya.

Director Gangai Amaran changed her name to Kanaka when she acted in the movie Karakatakkaran. When Kanaka was three years old, his parents divorced and separated.

Lack of interest in studies:

After that he studied in school till sixth standard. Apart from that, Kanaka was interested in acting in films after stopping his studies.

That is why at a very young age she acted as the heroine in the movie Karakatakkaran. Kanaka was only 16 years old when he was signed to act in the 1989 film Karakatakkaran.

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Age related problem:

Devdas, Kanaka’s father, had filed a court case against Kanaka, a 16-year-old minor girl, who was not allowed to play the lead role in the film Karakatakkaran, and that she should go back to school.

In this situation, they are dismissing the case saying that the law does not say that girls should not act in films. But of late Kanaka understood the importance of education.

After that, he wanted to study in class 10 directly. It is said that he was studying class 10 via distance education when he was acting in the film Zukhara Parvi with Superstar Rajinikanth.

After acting in many successful films in Tamil, his Malayalam film Godfather ran for 400 days and became a huge hit in Kerala. Kanaka is the only actress who acted in a film that ran for four hundred days in both Tamil and Malayalam. Kanaka, who achieved so many feats, was accepted in the cinema only for a few years.

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