Venkat Prabhu who confirmed the marriage of Thambi Premji; I will share the wedding photos soon!

Famous director Venkat Prabhu has confirmed that his brother Premji Amaran is getting married to Indu on June 9. Venkat Prabhu also emphasized the couple’s desire for privacy during the time when the wedding ceremony will take place at Thiruthani Murugan Temple. Also, he assured the fans that the photos of the wedding event will be shared later

Speculations about Premji’s marriage were fueled by netizens on social media with the leaked wedding invitation. Venkat Prabhu clarified on social media that contrary to various rumours, the bride is not from the media industry.

In his announcement, Venkat Prabhu acknowledged the excitement surrounding the wedding, but asked the public and media to respect the couple’s privacy. He expressed his gratitude for the support and interest shown by fans and well-wishers. But he asked everyone to allow his family to celebrate this momentous occasion in peace.

Prabhu Venkat wrote with his usual sense of humour, “After many years an auspicious event is about to take place in our family. ‘Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?’, ‘Who is Soppanasundari living with now?’ Like other questions, the most asked question is ‘When will Premji get married’? To answer your question, Premji will marry the love of his life, with our mother’s blessings, in front of family members and friends.” He said.

He added, “It is our (late) mother’s most cherished wish and we want to conduct this marriage quietly. Unknowingly, a friend shared the invitation publicly. Just like how the invitation went viral, it was widely shared that the bride was working in the media. Some photographs are also circulated. However, the bride did not work in the media. After the wedding, I will share the photos. I request you all to respect our privacy and bless the bride and groom. We will meet soon at the wedding reception.

Premji Amaran is a well-known actor in the Tamil film industry who is celebrated for his comedy roles and musical talent. She has acted in all Venkat Prabhu’s films including Mangattha. He is a popular singer and has composed music for many films.

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