We will definitely win this century..’ Babar Azam’s agony..!

Babar Assam: In the ongoing T20 World Cup series, India-Pakistan teams clashed in yesterday’s match. This match is one of the most awaited matches of cricket fans. In this match held yesterday, the Indian team would have won a thrilling victory by 6 runs.

The Indian team, who played first in this match, scored only 119 runs. Chasing a simple target, the Pakistan team got off to a good start but lost wickets in the final stages and lost the match by 6 runs. After this match Pakistan captain Babar Azam talked about the reason for the defeat.

He said, “We bowled well. But, while batting, we lost successive wickets. However, it didn’t seem like a big problem back then. We decided to play Strike Rotate. But that’s where the problem is we hit too many dot balls and set ourselves back. “The most important reason for the defeat of this match is that we faced too many dot balls,” he said.

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