When he goes to the spot and touches this part of Balayya.. Illana will torture him..!

Nandamuri Balakrishna is seen as the current controversial actor in Telugu cinema.

He is called Palaiya. Recently, he grabbed and pushed actress Anjali on the stage and it was being talked about as a big issue.

Telugu Actor Nandamuri Balakrishna:

The video went viral on social media and many people criticized her for degrading an actress to such an extent.

In this case, famous controversial critic Anandhan has revealed a secret about Balayya in an interview.

Balayya, the biggest star actor in Telugu cinema, has been a popular actor-politician.

Everyone knows that he is the sixth son of ND Rama Rao, who was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

He started acting in films as a child star because of his family background and belonging to the Varisu Nakshatra family, he acted in various hit films.

Balaiyya remains an action hero at the age of 63:

Now 63 years old, he is still playing hero and dignified. In movies, he beats up 100 people in a second.

Balayya is the one who makes Tollywood cinema scream by acting in action scenes. His age has nothing to do with his performance and he even acts as an assault in action scenes.

nandamuri balaiya 1

Once his movies are released, the collections are huge in Tollywood cinema. Due to this, he is being called as the superstar of Telugu cinema.

Meanwhile, Balaiyya has a habit of getting into major controversies from time to time. Balaiyya recently attended the launch of Gangs of Godavari directed by Krishna Chaitanya as a special guest.

The way he behaved at that time brought him the worst criticism from the entire Indian cinema audience.

Balayya grabbed Anjali and pushed him away:

In other words, actress Anjali and Neha Shetty were standing on that stage while the entire film crew was standing.

As Anjali was wearing heels, he moved slowly and stopped. Immediately the fierce Balakrishna suddenly pushed Anjali away.

As a result, he managed to keep the plate from stumbling and falling. A few days before the release of this video, it went viral on social media.

nandamuri balaiya anjali

Also, Balayya was criticized and rejected by many. When this matter was like this, many people started telling all the information about Balayya that has not come out about him so far that this is the worst quality of Balayya.

In a recent interview, famous controversial critic Andhagan spoke about Balayya’s behavior towards Nayanthara.

Nayanthara fell to his feet:

That is, when anyone comes to the shooting spot, they should touch Bala’s big toe and take blessings.

nayanthara 6

If he does only that, he will never torture the actresses acting in his film. It is enough to make him realize that we give him respect and value.

Actress Nayanthara continues to do this. Balayya has acted as heroine in almost four movies.

Media celebrity Anthanan has said in a recent interview that Balaiya never tortured Nayanthara in any way.

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