who are you? It’s better to keep your mouth shut…H Raja who ripped Selva Perundagai!

who are you Its better to keep your mouth shutH

Tamil Nadu Congress President Selva Perundagai had said that the votes won by the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections were the votes of the BAM. BJP leaders are responding to this with action. In that way, the former president of Tamil Nadu BJP and former governor Tamilisai Soundararajan has said that Selva Perundagai has no moral right to talk about BJP.

He retorted that if the votes BJP got in the Lok Sabha elections were the votes of the BMC, the votes the Congress got were the votes of the DMK. He questioned that the Congress is riding on DMK’s shoulders and whether the Congress can experiment like they did by contesting alone.

And the Congress has also rudely said that we should not talk about us who truly won by sewing and wrapping a blanket with 28 pieces of cloth. Similarly, senior BJP leader H Raja has also criticized Selvaperundhai. He said Selva Perundagai has no place to talk about BJP.

And how many parties has he been to so far? What responsibility did he hold? H Raja also warned that he will be asked to talk about what criminal cases are pending against him.
Who is Selva Perundagai? H Raja snapped that it would be better for him if he kept his mouth shut.

Continuing to talk about P Chidambaram, H Raja scolded him that if he does not know economics, he does not know accounting and said that he is talking like this because of his age.

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