Who ever commits this mistake.. Even if the government forgives.. Do you agree..? Turbulent netizens..!

Irfan is a YouTuber who has become very famous by running a YouTube channel called Irfan’s view, where he reviews various foods and releases videos on YouTube.

He has traveled to many countries not only in Tamil Nadu but also in the world and tasted the food and how it tastes. He became hugely famous by telling people about how to cook it.

YouTuber Irfan:

Curly hair, realistic speech and a voice full of enthusiasm can be said to be Irfan’s signature.

He has not only Tamilnadu food lovers but also many people from all over the world.

A native of Chennai, Irrfan first worked as an auto driver.

Initially, the family suffered from extreme poverty, so he earned income by working as an auto driver for school children.

It was then that he started YouTube with an effort to do something in life and work hard to progress and became hugely famous with unique content.

Irrfan, who started his vlog journey after his videos initially did not attract much attention, got a good response.

He gave up the good job opportunities he got and became a full-time YouTuber and continued to go abroad and review food.

Peak Growth in Short Term:

Through this he got about 4 million followers on Facebook and Instagram
He is followed by lakhs of people on social networking sites as well.

He became famous in a very short time by posting videos on his social media including traveling abroad and having meals with many celebrities including political figures.

irfan 2 1

He has been embroiled in many controversies with his rapid growth. A few days ago, an old woman died on the spot when her car met with an accident in Chengalpattu, causing a lot of controversy.

After that, his wife went to Dubai and is currently in the hospital as she is pregnant. The gender of the unborn child is known in a huge controversy.

Apart from that, she celebrated her gender identity by inviting her friends and YouTube celebrities to a party which became a huge talking point and came under heavy criticism.

Irfan knows the gender of the fetus:

The medical department constituted a three-member panel to investigate Irfan as knowing the sex of a fetus is a highly punishable offense in India.

And the law says that Irfan should be sentenced to almost 7 years in prison for this crime.

After this, a summons was sent to Irfan on behalf of the Tamil Nadu Medical Department asking for an explanation. It immediately sent a letter to the YouTube management and the Cyber ​​Crime Unit demanding the removal of the video.

irfan 3 1

After this, Irrfan deleted his video from YouTube and apologized for it.

They left the matter as it was. But social media and netizens didn’t punish Irfan who committed such a big mistake because he is famous and rich? They are raising the question.

People are furious with the government and judiciary for not taking any action against Irrfan who was involved in the controversy of finding and announcing the gender of the unborn child and apologized.

It has become a huge talking point in the public sphere. The next thing is that Irfan’s act will set a wrong example for the public.

But how will those who have already been punished for the same mistake feel when they see this news..?

Is money a justice for the rich?

Many people have been punished for crimes such as trying to find out the sex of the fetus, including Tamil Nadu, and aborting the fetus.

What will those who were punished like that and his family think if they see Irfan’s case.

irfan 4

A justice for the rich..? A justice for those without money..? A justice for celebrities..? A justice for the common man..? Won’t they lose faith in the judiciary and the government?

I don’t understand how they can get through this so easily.

And from now on, whoever commits such a mistake, if they apologize.. the government should accept that apology and let them go without punishing them.

Do you agree with this? They are always rioting. Irrfan’s affair is getting bigger day by day. What is the solution to this? Let’s wait and see.

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