Why don’t you girls act like this.. But.. Vani Bojan Tadaladi..!

There are many actors who have made a mark from the small screen to the silver screen. But as far as actresses are concerned, no one has come from the small screen to become a heroine.

Even though they have come from the small screen to the silver screen, they have only acted in minor supporting roles. Actress Vani Bhojan came from a serial and became a heroine in Tamil cinema.

Entry in plays:

Since 2012, he has acted in many dramas on television. In 2012, she played the lead role in the serial Aaga on Vijay TV. Vani Bhojan acted in the serial called Maya which aired on Jaya TV.

But Maya serial was not well received and then it was discontinued. After that, Vani Bhojan got more reception when she acted in the Sun TV serial called Deivamamagal.

Deiva Datta started in 2013 and was on air for almost five years till 2018. Vani Bhojan made his debut in the cinema after the series got a huge response.

Chance in Series:

vani bhojan 1 1

Vani Bhojan acted opposite actor Jay in the 2020 serial called Triples. After that he started acting in movies. Vani Bhojan, who has been acting in small roles in films since 2012, played the role of Meera in the 2020 film Oh My God.

This character was a character of little importance. It was not the supporting characters that he usually plays. After that he started getting many opportunities.

Vani Bojan has acted in many movies like Malaysia to Amnesia. Vani Bhojan has talked about a lot of controversial things in an interview recently. In it, he had openly said that he was in a relationship with the actors acting in the films.

In an interview, Vani Bhojan said about this, if women go to work, they send women to earn and naturally ask questions that you are eating, but she said that everyone should be respected.

Also, when talking about adjustment issues in cinema, actress Vani Bhojan has replied that I don’t need to become a big actress by doing all that.

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