10 packets no matter what..? John Vijay’s cruelty in honeymoon..!

Actor John Vijay who has impressed the fans with his amazing performances in the Tamil film industry is the best supporting actor.

He has a fan base of his own by playing comic characters and villains as well as supporting characters.

Actor John Vijay..

As far as actor John Vijay is concerned, he has shown his real acting skills in movies like Thalimagan, Orambo, Billa, Ravana, Angadi Teru, Thillalangadi, Ko, Kalakalappu, Samar, Sama, Pattathu Yanai Vidyum Mun, Thirudan Police, Elakkarathurai, Kabali.

Following this, various questions were raised to John Vijay in a recent interview. In that question, he shared an interesting incident of what happened on the honeymoon.

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Next, not only is this talk now going viral on the internet, but is it like this during the honeymoon? Did John Vijay make it? It raises the question.

Ten packets..

Newly married, John Vijay thought of taking his wife and going to the village.

The reason for this is that his wife, who grew up in Tamil, wanted to know the specialities of the village.

And while preparations were being made to go to the village, John Vijay told his wife that he would cook the necessary food for them so that they could travel.

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In addition, both of them went and bought the things needed for cooking and also collected the sticks needed to burn the stove.

John Vijay’s cruelty in honeymoon..

After buying half a kilo of curry and some other ingredients for cooking, they got 10 kilos of salt. After this, his wife said that it was like eating 10 kg of uppa for half a kg of curry.

Irrespective of all this, these people who came from there to decide where to cook by loading those things, searched for a suitable place to cook and found a place.

john vijay 1

He said that after he went to this place and started cooking, the monkeys came towards the place one by one.

Is this the same incident that John Vijay did on the honeymoon after this? The fans are speechless and ten packets of salt? They are laughing and talking about the subject as a highlight.

After this, this matter is now going viral on the internet and has also become a talking point among fans.

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