Prajwal Revanna returning to India… Ticket details released..!

Protest against Prajwal Revanna involving in the sexual abuse case.

Bengaluru: According to a PTI news report, Karnataka Majda MP Prajwal Revanna, who has been caught in the complaint of obscene videos, will arrive at Bengaluru airport at 12 midnight tomorrow.

Karnataka, Hassan Constituency MP and Majda Party candidate Prajwal Revanna has been booked under various sections including sexual assault in the name of a sexual complaint filed by some people including a housemaid. Also, obscene videos related to Prajwal Revanna were released on social media and caused a stir in Karnataka politics.

Following this complaint, Prajwal Revanna reportedly fled abroad on April 27 with the help of his diplomatic (special) passport. The central government has issued a blue corner notice and sought the help of international investigative bodies to nab him. Also, the Karnataka government has been urging the central government to cancel his diplomatic passport.

The Karnataka State Investigation Team (SIT) is investigating the Prajwal Revanna case. While the side of Prajwal Revanna has already sent a summons to Prajwal Revanna but has not responded to it, he had released a video a few days ago. In it, a false complaint is made against me. He said in the video that I will appear before the Special Investigation Committee on May 31 at 10 am.

Following this, according to the current information, a flight ticket has been booked from Munich, Germany to Bengaluru in the name of Prajwal Revanna, in which he will arrive in India at 12 midnight tomorrow (May 30), according to a PTI news note. PTI also mentioned that Prajwal had previously booked and canceled the flight ticket twice.

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