18 is the zodiac sign for Bangalore..!! Because of this, RCB will definitely beat Chennai!!

Chennai : Fans are sharing some interesting things on the internet that the Bengaluru team playing in the IPL series has the number 18 as their zodiac sign, so the Bengaluru team will win against the Chennai team in the match to be held on the 18th.

In the current year’s IPL series, Bengaluru team has won the last 5 matches and retained the chance of play-offs. There is only one match left for Bengaluru in this series and if they chase by more runs or chase in 18 overs, their chances of going to the playoffs will be assured.

As this match is an important match for the Chennai team, they are hoping to win. Currently, Bengaluru team fans are sharing some interesting information about the number 18 and Bengaluru team’s zodiac sign for this upcoming match. The first of these matches will be held on May 18.

In this match, Bengaluru team must win by 18 runs or beat Chennai team within 18 overs. The number 18 is also noteworthy. Also, in the last 4 years, RCB have won all the matches played on 18th May.

That is, in the match against Chennai team held on May 18, 2013, Bengaluru team won by 24 runs. Following that, on May 18, 2014, Bengaluru team again won by 5 wickets against Chennai team. Similarly, on May 18, 2016, they registered a huge victory against Punjab by 86 runs.

Finally, in the last year 2023 on May-18, the Bengaluru team won the match against the Hyderabad team by 8 wickets. So far the Bengaluru team has won all the matches played on May 18. Now they are going to face Chennai for the 5th time this year.

Although the number 18 is noticeable in many places, this is the jersey number ’18’ of the star player of the Bengaluru team, Virat Kohli. He has also played well in matches played on May-18. Like this, Virat Kohli’s fans are sharing many interesting things on the internet.

Hence, it remains to be seen whether they will register a huge victory in the match against CSK on May 18. Also, it is to be noted that on that day (May 18) there is a chance of rain in Bengaluru.

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