3 days of meditation; Prime Minister Modi will visit Kanyakumari today

Prime Minister Modi is meditating at Vivekananda Mandapam in Kanyakumari for 3 days from today (May 30). Following this, five-tier security has been put in place in the area.

The 7th phase of the parliamentary general election will be held on June 1. Following this, the election results will be released on June 4. Prime Minister Modi has a habit of visiting spiritual places and meditating at the end of the parliamentary elections. In 2014, he meditated at Pratapgarkot in the state of Maratha. In 2019, he meditated in the Kedarnath cave in the Himalayas.

Similarly, now that the parliamentary elections are over, Prime Minister Modi has decided to meditate. This time, Modi is meditating in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, the southern tip of the country. In particular, Prime Minister Modi meditates at the Vivekananda Mandapam located in the middle of the sea in Kanyakumari, where Swami Vivekananda is said to have attained enlightenment through penance before attending a conference in Chicago, USA.

For this purpose, Prime Minister Modi will fly from Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram today (Thursday) and will depart from there by helicopter at 3.55 pm and land at the helipad at Kanyakumari Government Guest House at 4.35 pm. From there by car, Sami will have darshan at Bhagavathy Amman temple in Kanyakumari at 5.15 pm. After that, the boat goes to the shipping corporation boat yard and takes a private boat to the Vivekananda Mandapam located in the middle of the sea. After paying respects to Vivekananda’s statue, he goes to the Dhyana Mandapam and starts meditation at 6 PM. He is going to stay there for 3 days and meditate.

Then Prime Minister Modi will pay homage to Thiruvalluvar statue on June 1 at 3 pm. After 3 days of meditation, Prime Minister Modi will arrive at Poompukar Shipping Corporation boat yard in a private boat from Vivekananda Mandapam on 1st afternoon. From there, he gets into the car and reaches the helipad at the Government Guest House. Then departs for Thiruvananthapuram by helicopter at 3.25 pm. He will reach Thiruvananthapuram at 4.05 pm and depart for Delhi by flight at 4.10 pm. He reaches Delhi at 7.30 pm

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