in Yali. Inappropriate behavior with female students; A teacher is forbidden to teach

A teacher accused of indulging in inappropriate behavior with a 10-year-old girl student in Jaffna has been suspended by the Northern Province Education Ministry.

Based on a complaint filed by the parents of one of the victimized students at the Manippai police station that a teacher had misbehaved with a 10-year-old girl student studying in grade 05 in a popular school in the Manippai area, the police arrested the teacher and produced him before the Mallakam magistrate court.

The teacher is currently out on bail and the case is pending in the court.

In this case, while the departmental investigations were conducted regarding the incident, after the investigation report was sent to the Secretary of the Ministry of Education, the teacher was banned from continuing his work and a letter was sent to the accused teacher.

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