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Actress Namitha is a hugely popular actress who made her debut in Tamil cinema as an attractive actress.

Acting in her glamorous scenes in every movie and romantic scenes very close to the heroes, she was seen as an actress who captivated the hearts of all Tamil cinema fans.

Actress Namitha:

Actress Namitha is famous for keeping her good looks and wearing glamorous short dresses and exuding a different kind of glamor in every film.

He has acted in Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi films. Earlier, he participated as a judge in the Manada program and thereby became hugely famous.

Film opportunities came to actress Namita. Born in Surat, Gujarat, she participated in the Miss India pageant and won second place.

It was through this that he started getting film opportunities and he first made his debut in Tamil by acting in the film Our Anna.

Namitha’s Tamil Movies:

Meanwhile, he acted in various commercial films and earned considerable income.

Especially his role in Arun Ice Cream advertisement is still famous. In Tamil, he has acted in various movies including Aye, Chanakiya, Bamparak Kannale, Ingleeshkaran, Pachchi Nidda, Vyapari, Naan Avan Alai, Azhakiya Tamil Makan, Billa.

Actress Namitha became famous as an actress who captivated the hearts of all the fans by calling the Tamil fans as machans with her enchanting voice.

Meanwhile, he lost his address in cinema for some time after his market declined. Then again, he became famous by participating as a contestant in the Bigg Boss show.

Namitha, who became famous in her Bigg Boss show, fell in love with and married Virendra Chowdhury after leaving the show.

namitha 1

Twin boys were born to them after their marriage. Actress Namita is living happily as a family with children.

Namita who divorced her husband?

At such a time, actress Namita has divorced her husband and social media has been buzzing with news recently.

In this case, he has put forward his opinion about this. After reports that Namita is going to divorce her husband went viral, she responded to this.

4 Even yesterday, I posted a photo of me being close to my husband on my Instagram page.. However.. He expressed pain that the news is coming that I am going to get a divorce..

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