Lok Sabha Election 2024 Results AIADMK Alliance Live Updates: Deep Political Crisis: Will AIADMK Alliance Start the Game?

India’s 18th parliamentary elections began on April 19. Voting for the final phase of this election, which was held in 7 phases, ended on June 1. A total of 69.72 percent of votes have been registered in Tamil Nadu and after a gap of 2 days, the votes cast in the elections are being counted today (June 4).


In this parliamentary election DMK India led coalition, NDA alliance led by BJP, While 3 main alliances contested as ADMK-led alliance, Nam Tamilar Party contested alone.

ADMK alliance

BJP was in alliance with ADMK in the last Tamil Nadu assembly elections, PMK, and Tamil State Congress have joined the BJP-led alliance in this election. Therefore, in this election, DMK is the only main party in the ADMK alliance.

In this alliance led by ADMK, New Tamil Nadu, STPI, and DMDK are present in all 32 constituencies of ADMK, New Tamil Nadu and SDPI parties in one seat each, DMDK also contested 5 seats.

ADMK-DMK-BJP: Kallakurichi as a three-way contest

ADMK in Kallakurichi constituency. Former MLA Kumaraguru contested on behalf of BJP. Devdas is contesting on behalf of the BMC, which is in the alliance, and Malayarasan is contesting on behalf of the DMK. With this Kallakurichi constituency has attracted attention.

Virudhunagar as star block

In the 2024 parliamentary elections, Vijayakanth’s son Vijaya Prabhakaran has contested in the Virudhunagar constituency on behalf of the ADMK alliance. Actress Radhika has contested against him on behalf of BJP. With this, Virudhunagar constituency has become a star constituency.

AIADMK collapsed in 2019 elections

2019DMK-led alliance in, Huge success in the state. The party led by M.K.Stalin 24 and places, Allied parties 14 Also won.

AIADMK 19.15% with votes 1 Won by place only, DMK 33.12% Received votes. Its main ally is the Congress 8 Winning places 12.46% Received votes.

But, B.J.,to3.58 Only a percentage of votes were received.

2014 election victory

2014 AIADMK in the election 37 succeeded in places. Even the BJP, which did not form an alliance with the AIADMK then, Bhagam also won one seat each. It was a massive victory for the ADMK in terms of vote share – the party 44.28% Having received votes, Just for DMK 23.57% Votes received.

5.48% BJP was the next largest party in terms of votes. Congress 4.31% Received votes.

Which parties in AIADMK alliance?

alliance with the BJP last October AIADMK brought to an endTh.

In this Lok Sabha election AIADMK is new Tamil Nadu, and STPI It has put together a coalition of minority parties including To Demuthika 5 and places, One seat each for New Tamil Nadu and STBI, for himself 32 AIADMK has also allocated seats.

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