4 months pregnant.. the child that came out.. the husband ran away when he saw it.. the next moment Reshma Pasubuleti did what he did..!

Actress Reshma Pasubuleti is an actress who is currently mixing in both the cinema and serial fields. Hailing from the Telugu country, Reshma made her Tamil debut in 2015 with the film Masala.

After that, the film Vellanu Vandatta Velikakaran became an important film for him. Her role as Pushpa in it was well received. After that, he started getting opportunities in TV serials.

Popularity on Vijay TV:

Meanwhile, Reshma participated in Vijay TV’s most popular show, Bigg Boss. Usually celebrities who participate in Bigg Boss show get more reception and same for Reshma.

Reshma also got an opportunity to act in Bharati Kannamma serial on Vijay TV. Acting in Bharti Kannamma serial was not difficult for her as she was acting in dramas before acting in films.

The serial brought him even more popularity. Reshma has always been one of the most criticized actresses on social media.

Misery in life:

In an interview at this stage, he shared the terrible things that happened in his life. In which she says, “After marriage I was in America and my husband was a boxer. He was taking a lot of pills to keep his body fit.

I was four months pregnant at the time. He forgot that and hit me hard. Just then my baby came out. Seeing that he ran away from me in fear and at that time I took the car and took him to the hospital alone and got myself admitted in the hospital.

Difficulty saving the child:

reshma pasupuleti 8

Rahul was born four and a half months old. From then on he was kept in an incubator for nine months. There is no medicine I haven’t seen to keep him alive. There is no cost that is not incurred. I had a child before Rahul was born and it died.

I was afraid that I would lose Rahul too. So I fought as hard as I could to save him. Everyone forgot that my first child died.

But I will never forget that day. Everyone who smiles like me in life has a sad face behind them. But no one outside knows that, they only know how to criticize us,” said Reshma Pasubuleti.

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