Government is failing in all sectors due to administrative malpractice – Anbumani alleges!

Anbumani Ramadoss

Bamaka leader Anbumani Ramadoss has accused the Tamil Nadu government of failing in all sectors due to administrative irregularities.

In a statement issued by him in this regard, it was not possible for the Patali People’s Party to win the Lok Sabha elections held in Tamil Nadu. While not being able to taste success is always disappointing, there is nothing to be disappointed or worried about. We may have lost victory in this electoral battle, but we have not lost ground.

The field is still in our favor. I express my gratitude and appreciation to you for your tireless field work in the constituencies contested by the Proletariat People’s Party and the constituencies contested by the alliance parties in the Makkalabhaya elections.

Your hard work is unmatched. Even if your labor is not paying off now, it will definitely pay off in two years. Given the results of the Lok Sabha elections, there is no need to speculate that if it had been like this, it would have happened like this.

The reason…even before this election, we had made it clear that our target is not the Lok Sabha elections, but the 2026 Legislative Assembly elections. There has been no change in the stance of the Proletarian People’s Party. Our goal is to build a strong team and contest in the 2026 assembly elections and win and form the government. It is towards that goal that I must march.


The results of Lok Sabha elections in 2024 make one thing clear. Even though the ruling DMK has used all its power, money and force, its vote share has declined by almost 7 percent since the 2019 elections. Even though the ruling party, AIADMK contested one-third more seats than last election, the party could not increase its vote bank in 2019. If asked further, it received 13 percent less than the votes received in the 2021 elections. These election results show that the people of Tamil Nadu want a government without these two parties.

Everyone should realize this; We must work to fulfill this desire of the people. That is what B.P.M.K. going to do People’s expectations of a non-DMK and AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu are very reasonable. Tamil Nadu has been ruled by two parties for 57 years and Tamil Nadu has not benefited. Even though the primary industry of Tamil Nadu is agriculture, not a single irrigation scheme has been implemented for its development in 57 years. Educated youth are not given employment. No measures have been taken for women to live and move safely.

Anbumani Ramadoss

On the contrary, the ban on alcohol, which was established by Rajaji, Uthmar Omantur Ramasamy Reddyar and protected by Kamarasar and Anna, was destroyed only during the AIADMK and DMK regimes. As a result, even school children are addicted to alcohol. Bars are open in all the streets of Tamil Nadu. The government, which has to increase the revenue of the government by making policies over and above these, is in a situation where it has to generate revenue by opening a large number of liquor shops and selling a large amount of alcohol and with that, it has to meet the basic expenses. It is a rally.

Drugs including cannabis have emerged as more dangerous than alcohol. Cannabis is readily available even in areas where essential commodities are unavailable. Even school-going students attack teachers under the influence of ganja. Crimes against women, murders and robberies are also the reason for the increase in cannabis addiction. On the other hand, the natural resources of Tamil Nadu including river sand are being looted by all the rulers. Government is failing in all sectors due to maladministration.

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AIADMK and DMK governments have failed to provide quality education in government schools and even employment to educated youth. Government employees and teachers, who stood like a hill in support of the DMK, are now at the peak of hatred and frustration. The DMK and AIADMK governments have taken away many of their rights including pension. They are also waiting to take revenge. The Patali People’s Party has the medicine to correct all the degradations that Tamil Nadu has faced due to DMK and AIADMK regimes. Whatever issue affects Tamil Nadu, the first voice will be heard from the Proletarian People’s Party.

All other parties say what the Proletariat People’s Party says on all issues, starting from alcohol prohibition, including water management, education, employment, and climate change, which has recently become public awareness. To that extent, the Proletariat People’s Party is working as a pioneer in protecting the welfare of Tamil Nadu and the welfare of the people. In that way, the Patali People’s Party has the ability to bring about change in Tamil Nadu. Realizing all this, they decided to bring about a change in Tamil Nadu in 2026 and accordingly, the Patali People’s Party formed a team without AIADMK and DMK in the 2024 elections. The Patali People’s Party has the duty and responsibility to protect Tamil Nadu and the people of Tamil Nadu.

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The desire of the people of Tamil Nadu is a DMK and non-AIADMK government. In such an environment, not trying to fulfill the wishes of the people would be dereliction of duty. That mistake was made by B.P.M.K. No. In Tamil Nadu politics, the Patali Mahakal Party has faced many setbacks, but has recovered from them. We will come back the same way. You don’t need to have any doubts or worries about that. The field is in our favor for the 2026 assembly elections; People are ready to welcome us. I am waiting to be the first one to guide you. He mentioned that we will march towards the goal of winning the elections in 2026.

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