9 out of 13 party-jumping candidates caught by intelligence agencies fail: Full details here

From Shiv Sena’s Shinde faction’s Yamini Jadhav in Maharashtra to BJP’s Tapas Roy in West Bengal., From Pradeep Yadav of Congress in Jharkhand to Jyoti Mirtha of BJP in Rajasthan, Investigated by intelligence agenciesparty jump 13 Nine of the candidates He lost the Lok Sabha electionsNar.

Of these nine who failed, Seven belong to the BJP or its allies.

In the elections that ended on Saturday, Politicians who switch from one political party to another 150 More thanTor were in the field.

Among these 13 Candidates or their family members will be notified by the Central Intelligence Agency (CBI), Income Tax Department or Enforcement Directorate (ED) are facing investigations by

13 on the, Seven from Congress and one from Trinamool Congress Including Eight people switched to BJP.

Two people switched from Shiv Sena to Shiv Sena Shinde, One person YSRCP from the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) changed; and Jharkhand Vikas Party and PEP Two to Congress from respectively Names jumped.

Tapas Roy

Kolkata Uttar Pradesh BJP candidate Tabas Rai

Eight facing investigations for joining BJP on the, Six lost the election; One of the two who joined the Sena’s Shinde team lost; and the Jharkhand Vikas Party affiliated with the Congress and PEP One each failed from.

Jyoti Mirtha from Nagaur, Rajasthan, Krupashankar Singh from Jaunpur in UP; Roy hails from Kolkata Uttar; Kothapalli Geetha from Araku district of Andhra Pradesh; Praneet Kaur from Patiala, Geetha Koda hails from Singhbhum in Jharkhand Important people in this.

Yamini Jadav from Shiv Sena Shinde’s team also in Mumbai South constituency, Pradeep Yadav of Congress also lost from Koda constituency in Jharkhand.

Six months to Lok Sabha elections was In position, Former Congress leader Jyoti Mirtha 2023 He joined the BJP in September. A few months ago, Enforcement Directorate based on the complaint of Shipra Group, Indiabulls has started an investigation.

Indiabulls Promoter Sameer Khelat is the brother of Mirta’s husband Narendra Khelat.


Shiv Sena from South Mumbai constituency during a road show in Mumbai on Tuesday (UBT) Candidate Arvind Sawant; (Right) Shinde Sena’s Yamini Jadhav campaigning in South Mumbai.

Former Mumbai Congress president Krupa Shankar Singh 2012 In 2018, he faced investigation in the Maharashtra Anti-Corruption Bureau in the case of adding assets beyond his income. Based on the Anti Corruption Branch case Enforcement Directorate on him Initiated investigation.

February 2018 In, Singh was acquitted by the court. 2019Quit Congress in 2021He joined the BJP in the year.

In January this year, the Enforcement Directorate raided the house of Trinamool chief whip in the West Bengal Legislative Assembly in connection with a money laundering case involving alleged irregularities in civic body recruitments. Joined BJP in early March, Tapas Roy Kolkata UtdIn block R He was suspended by the BJP. However, He is Trinamool of Congress He lost to Sudeep Bandopadhyay.

2019 In the election, Geetha Koda, the wife of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda, was the only Congress candidate to win.

Her husband CBI and by the Directorate of Enforcement He was found guilty in one of the many cases registered, As investigations continue in others, He joined the BJP in February this year and was ousted from his stronghold of Singhbhum. However, he lost to the JMM candidate.

In Andhra Pradesh, Former MP of YSRCP, Gothapalli Geetha and her husband B. Ramakodeswara Rao, In Punjab National Bank42 Non-repayment of loans of Rs, Cheated, By CBI2015A case has been registered in, A charge sheet was filed.

July 2019 In, Geeta joined BJP. But September 2022 In, She was convicted by a trial court and sentenced to five years in prison along with her husband. CBI arrested both of them.

Bail themread Besides, The Telangana High Court stayed the sentence ordered. However, As punishment continues, Geeta could not compete.

March 12 On that day, The Telangana High Court stayed the sentence. March 28 On that day, Geetha as candidate from Araku constituencyVai BJP announced. However he lost the election to Gumma Rani of YSRCP.

Former Congress leader, Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh’s wife Praneet Kaur has been fielded as a BJP candidate in Patiala constituency. Their son Raninder Singh in connection with the foreign exchange violation case 2020 In Investigation by Enforcement Directorate came under November 2021 Amarinder Singh left the Congress in.

Next He Ande joined the BJP. Kaur, He is third behind Dharamvir Gandhi of Congress and Balbir Singh of AAP.

In Maharashtra, Shiv Sena’s Yamini Jadhav Jun2022 In the state, Uddhav Thackeray quit the party and joined the Eknath Shinde party.Rnard.

Yamini and her husband Yashwant Jadhav in several cases By the enforcement department They faced investigations. Yamini in this election In the National Democratic Alliance Mumbai SouthIn was stopped, But Shiv Sena UBT In lost to Arvind Sawant.

June 2022 During the political upheaval in Maharashtra in , senior Shiv Sena leader Ravindra Vaigar stuck by Uddhav Thackeray. However, Maharashtra is led by a new Eknath Shinde NDA Government, Soon after, the Economic Offenses Wing of the Mumbai Police started an investigation against him, Following that Enforcement Department The investigation also started.

This March, Vigar, Shinde said he had to make a choice between going to jail and switching parties to the team went He is stationed in North West block of Mumbai48 He won by a margin of votes.

Congress’s Pradeep Yadav, who contested in the state of Jharkhand, was not so lucky. Last year By the enforcement department He was raided, He lost the election to BJP’s Nishikant Dubey. He Janata Vimukti Peramuna From Party (JVP) He switched to Congress.

From Punjab Ekta Party away from Punjab’s Sangrur Congress candidate Sukhpal Singh Khaira also joined the party Enforcement Department He faced trial, But failed.

party from the clutches of investigative bodies Despite the change, the likes of Vaiger won.

Prominent among them is Naveen Jindal, He switched from Congress to BJP a few months before the elections, He won Kurushetra constituency.

Jindal who was charged in the coal mine allocation case, A few months before joining the BJP By the enforcement department The test was conducted.

Similarly, following a raid by the Income Tax Department on a company owned by him2019 Former Rajya Sabha MP of Telugu Desam Party who joined BJP in the year, CM Ramesh, He won Anakapalli constituency in Andhra Pradesh.

In Delhi Excise Policy case Enforcement DepartmentAlso arrested by Telugu Desam Party’s Magunda Srinivasalu Reddy, who became the approver He will then be released, He succeeded in Ongole.

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