Modi Media’s Polls Are Polled Today – Mano Thangaraj Interview!

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Dairy Minister Mano Thangaraj said in a press conference in Kanyakumari that people have answered Modi Media’s poll today.

Speaking to the media in this regard, he said that the poll conducted by Modi Media has been completed by the people today. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, Stalin said 40 to 40, the country is ours. We have won all 40 constituencies. We will win the country tomorrow. The environment is ripe for that today.

This country should remain a secular country. People have exercised good judgment so that it does not degenerate to the extent of mustard. BJP did not get majority. Due to this, a demand has been put forward that Prime Minister Modi should take moral responsibility and resign. There is no greater challenge than this.

This time he got a small margin of votes in the Varanasi constituency as he did not get a majority in the election. They said that they will contest in more than 400 constituencies separately. But it never came. It is not possible to form the government because of the lack of majority.

Chandrababu Naidu, when he left the NDA earlier, said, “How the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Department were forced by the Modi government. There can be no worse Prime Minister than Modi. All leaders in this country are better than him. Chandrababu Naidu had said very clearly in the past that there are stronger prime ministerial candidates than him in all parties. Nitishkumar also spoke in the same way.

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We see this as a gift of time when everyone can choose a prime minister. India should take advantage of this. BJP has established a foothold in Kerala. But it cannot come in Tamil Nadu. This is the land of Periyar.

Schemes given by Karunanidhi. His renaissance for social justice. The greatest proof that these people are grateful to the extent that these will remain in history is the fact that the BJP has no foothold in Tamil Nadu! Whatever dream Karunanidhi saw and whatever journey he started, Stalin continues to carry it out successfully in Tamil Nadu today. The world needs no more proof of this.

Those who said they will destroy us have run and hid today. Goonies are narrowed. People are standing up with us today. This is no ordinary success. A great victory for democracy and social justice politics.

Annamalai is an empty bamboo canister. He already knew failure! Now if the BJP has got 10 percent votes, it is the vote of the party including the BMC and not the individual vote. BJP’s defeat in the constituency within Ayodhya, where the Ram Temple is built, is a perfect example of how the people of this country believe in democracy and secularism. A question has arisen whether they will leave the religious politics and return to the democratic path of the BJP. He said thus.

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