3 women killed in poison gas attack in Puducherry.

Puducherry : 3 women, including an old lady, have died after poisonous gas leaked from a toilet in Redyar Palayam.

The toxic gas released from the sewage treatment plant in Pudunagar came out through the toilet of the houses, and there was a commotion after the daughter and granddaughter fell unconscious after going to lift the old lady who had fainted in the toilet.

In this incident, 2 people died on the spot due to gas poisoning and the girl who was undergoing treatment also died. As 3 women have died in succession, the residents of the area have been ordered to leave their homes immediately.

Also, it has been reported that some more people have been admitted to the hospital due to this. Currently, it has come to light that Senthamarai (80), Kamakshi (55) and girl Selvarani (15) died due to poisonous gas.

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