Electricity tariff increase in Tamil Nadu? Controversy erupted again… TN Fact Check launched!

Electricity tariff increase in Tamil Nadu Controversy erupted again TN

In Tamil Nadu, bi-monthly electricity bill payment system is in force. The DMK led by Chief Minister M.K.Stalin had mentioned in its election manifesto that steps will be taken to change this to be paid once a month. But it has not yet been implemented. If only this comes into force, the burden of electricity bill will be greatly reduced for many users.

Electricity tariff hike procedure

Meanwhile, the electricity tariff is being hiked on July 1 every year to compensate for the loss of revenue. In the order issued by the Electricity Regulatory Commission in this regard, the electricity tariff should be increased according to the inflation rate for the month of April or 6 percent whichever is lower in every financial year.

Chief Minister M.K.Stal’s action

In that way, the last time the electricity tariff was increased in Tamil Nadu was in September 2022. In the last year 2023, the fee was not increased on the instructions of Chief Minister M.K.Stal. In this case, July 2024 is approaching.

Electricity tariff increase

In this context, the electricity bill has gone up in Tamil Nadu and some information is going viral on the internet. Of which, there is no charge for the first 100 units. The old rate was Rs 170 for 200 units. Now it has increased by 55 rupees to 225 rupees.

Payment details

530 was charged for 300 units. It has now risen by Rs 145 to Rs 675. The electricity tariff for 400 units has been increased by Rs 295 from Rs 830 to Rs 1,125. It is said that the electricity tariff for 500 units has been fixed at Rs 1,725, which was Rs 1,130, increased by Rs 595.

Explain that it is not true

But TN Fact Check has confirmed that this is not true. Regarding this on their X website page, this is the news published in July 2022. It is reported that the electricity tariff has not been increased at present.

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