A bungalow in Dubai for 50 crores..? Nivetha Pethuraj caught by the police in the middle of the controversy..!

Actress Nivetha Pethuraj made her debut as a heroine in the 2016 film Uran Koothu starring Attakathi Dinesh. After that movie, he got chance in many movies in Tamil.

Nivetha Pethuraj used to act in films like En Manasu Thangam, Dik Dik Dik, Thimiru Putichavan. Till now he is getting some opportunities in Tamil cinema.

Heroine in question:

Nivetha Pethuraj was a little-talked-about heroine at the time of the release of her first film. So much so that Eren Koothu was a movie with a bit of a sad ending.

Similarly, even though the movie did not attract much attention when it was released, the movie got some recognition for Nivetha Pethuraj who acted in the movie. Especially one song called Adiye Alaghe is famous in it.

Trending on Social Media:

Nivetha Pethuraj has been the most talked about actress on social media lately. Udhayanidhi Stalin starred opposite her in her second film, Kaguly En Manasu Thangam.

Chavku Shankar had said in an interview that he had bought Nivetha Pethuraj a bungalow in Dubai for 50 crores while acting like that. This is why Niveda Pethuraj has come under a lot of criticism recently.

Trending Video:

In the meantime, Nivetha Pethuraj posted a video in response to this, which has caused me and my family great distress. He asked not to spread baseless information like this.

Currently, a video of Nivetha Pethuraj is going viral. The police stopped Nivetha Pethuraj who was traveling in a car and questioned him. Enraged by this, he threw the camera at the person who was recording the video.


This video is currently going viral and there are rumors that he has made this kind of video to increase the amount of talk about him lately. Anyway, this video is currently trending.

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