Udayanidhi’s wife, Krithika, who got caught up in the matter..! The official announcement..!

Udhayanidhi Stalin has been one of the people who left his footprints in both the fields of politics and cinema in Tamil Nadu. Udhayanidhi made his debut as a lead actor in Tamil cinema with the film Oru Kal Oru Geem.

After that, he got opportunities to act in many films. Santhanam can be seen as a comedy actor in most of his films.

Udayanidhi Film Tour:

Udhayanidhi, who was initially acting as a comedy hero, gradually started choosing some serious stories. It can be said that movies like Kethu, Manman, Psycho, Nenchuku Neethi, Kazhagam Thalaivan are all movies with serious plot.

Udhayanidhi did not act in any movie after Mamannan. But he has said that he will return to the film industry in the future. Currently continuing his work as Minister of Sports.

Production Company:

Meanwhile, Udayanidhi is running Red Giant Movies as usual. His wife and director Krithika Udayanidhi also runs the company.

Red Movies, which produced and released the first Kuruvi movie, is doing well. Last year alone, this company released more movies on the screen.


Enforcement Action:

In this situation, the enforcement department, which has been raiding many politicians, has also started raiding Udayanidhi Stalin’s companies.

In this situation, a few days ago, the enforcement department conducted a search in all the 8 offices related to the Kallal Group and Udayanidhi Trust. In this connection, immovable assets worth Rs 36.3 crore belonging to the trust have been confiscated.


Meanwhile, the enforcement department has frozen Rs 36.3 lakh in his bank account. At this stage, this problem has become a matter of controversy.

And there are talks among the public and political circles that the investigations of the enforcement department will not stop there and there are chances of investigations to be continued on other companies of Udhayanidhi Stalin as well.

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