A hero who is 30 years older than me.. I adjusted.. Ramya Krishnan shocked the fans..!

Actress Ramya Krishnan is a popular star actress in South Indian cinema.

He is 53 years old and his market has not decreased a bit. In every movie, he will leave all the Tamil cinema fans stunned by showing his perfect performance and best performance according to the story and character.

Ramya Krishnan’s performance will be so great that it will be a huge competition especially for the actors playing with her.

Actress Ramya Krishnan:

She became a popular heroine in the 80s and later acted in many hit films in the 90s.

Currently, he is acting in character roles. No one can forget Ramya Krishnan who acted as Neelambari in Padayappa movie till date.

To that extent, he would have given a tough performance to superstar Rajinikanth.

At one point, Rajinikanth had even said in interviews that he was in awe of Ramya Krishnan’s performance.

Ramya Krishnan has acted in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and other multilingual films as a top actress.

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Awards for Best Actress:

So far, he has received many prestigious awards including 4 South Indian Film Baer Awards, 3 Nandi Awards and Tamil Nadu Government Film Award for his outstanding performance.

She is a great actress, heroine, character actress, comedic actress and has gained great fame by acting in many leading roles.

Meanwhile, she got married to famous Telugu director Krishna Vamsi. He also has a son.

Actress Ramya Krishnan Rajamouli’s greatest historical film Baahubali, played the role of Raja Mata Sivakami Devi and was seen as an actress who captivated the hearts of cinema fans all over the world.

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Ramya Krishnan as Rajamata:

His performance in this film cannot be praised in words. He gave such a great performance and was amazing.

He made his mark to the extent that he beat actress Ramya Krishnan saying that no one else could have played the character better than him.

In this case, the current information is that Ramya Krishnan has said in a recent interview that she has a very difficult career in cinema.

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That is, when I made my debut in cinema, I was paired with heroes who were 20 or 30 years older than me.

At first it seemed like a daunting task to me. At the same time many actresses are waiting to act with such leading actors.

Adjust with seniors:

I acted in those films by adjusting and thinking that I was missing the opportunity.

It was only at some point that I came to know the truth. Age difference is not a thing in cinema.

When we got together in the character in that story, when I was acting opposite an actor who was 30 years older than me, his son was my son, and whoever was playing his father was my father-in-law.

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We find ourselves in such a situation. Even when you see it on the screen, it fits perfectly.

There is no significant difference. It was only after that that I understood that age difference is not a thing in cinema.

However, actress Ramya Krishnan has said that it took me a few years to understand this.

Has Ramya Krishnan even faced such problems in his film career of so many years? Fans are shocked to hear that.

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