Manikandan acting in Pa. Ranjith’s production… Who is the director?

Famous director B. Ranjith has currently finished directing Vikram starrer Thangalan. Manikandan acting in the production of Pa. Ranjith... Who is the director?Recently, there have been many reports that he is going to direct the film Vedtuvam in the alliance of Attakathi Dinesh, Arya and Ashok Selvan. In this way, Ba comes as a PC director. Ranjith is also producing several films under his company Neelam Productions and Neelam Studios. In that respect, the next There is a new information that Jaibeem Manikandan is going to act in a new film produced by Ranjith. Already Actor Manikandan played the role of Rajini’s son in the Ranjith-directed movie Kala. In this case, for the second time Ranjith Manikandan is joining the alliance. While the information about this has already been released, now there is a new update. Manikandan acting in the production of Pa. Ranjith... Who is the director?Accordingly, it is reported that this new film will be directed by a debutant director. It is also said that there is a possibility of being the assistant director of the debutant Ba Ranjith. Further updates regarding the film are expected to be released soon.

It is noteworthy that after Jai Bheem, Manikandan’s films like Good Night and Lover were well received by the fans.

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