Actor Dhanush is getting married for the second time..! Action taken in the matter of the bride..!

Dhanush is a famous actor, director, producer, best singer, screenwriter of Tamil cinema who has excelled with many faces.

He initially made his debut by acting as the hero in the movie Thulluvatho Ihala directed by his brother Selvaraghavan.

Actor Dhanush:

Released in 2002, the film received poor reviews. Especially Dhanush’s appearance and his performance received bad reviews.

Is he an actor? They talked very low and degraded him saying that all these fools are making him a hero.

Actor Dhanush became very upset due to this. However, he did not give up his efforts and continued to act in films like Love Konden, Thiruda Thirudi, Saravanan from Pudukottai and Devathaiyai Kanden.

Also, it was a boy’s time, Puduppettai, Polladhavan, Yaardi Nee Mohini, Pragadahavan, Kutti, Uttamaputran, Mappillai, Venkai, Medhimenna, etc. and gradually developed his talent and performance by acting in several successful films.

Currently he holds the status of star hero in Tamil cinema. He has acted in many successful films in Bollywood and Hollywood.

Dhanush as Superstar Son-in-law:

Meanwhile, actor Dhanush married superstar Rajinikanth’s elder daughter Aishwarya Rajinikanth in 2004.

dhanush 2 1

They have two sons Yatra and Linga. After Dhanush got married to Aishwarya, he got good film opportunities only when he was Rajini’s son-in-law.

And it is no exaggeration that Rajini is the main reason why his films have been released without any problems and become huge hits.

But, actor Dhanush threw it all away. Now that he has grown up and become a big man, he divorced Rajini’s daughter Aishwarya citing differences with his wife.

This issue was talked about in the cinema circle and both of them had been living separately for almost six months and then both of them had filed a petition in the family welfare court that they wanted a formal divorce.


While this is the case, it is said that their parents are busy looking for a different couple and getting them remarried after the divorce.

Dhanush currently has a number of Rayan Kuberan films lined up. He has been very busy with his work as his next film is around.

How once Aishwarya got divers with Rajinikanth, Dhanush is ready to get married for the second time.

It is said that his father Kasthuri Raja took action for that.

Kasthuriraja decided that his son does not want a woman from the film industry. He sees a woman on his own and decides to remarry his son.

Severity of Remarriage Arrangements:

I don’t know how true this is, but is it smoke without fire? What about Dhanush’s affair, reports say Aishwarya is also planning to remarry one of her Lal Salaam assistant directors.

dhanush 3

As both of them get divorced and find a new life according to their own preferences, what will happen to the two children who were born on their trust?

Why shouldn’t they change their minds and live together when their children are overgrown?
As own ties, the question asked by friends and fans did not fall in their ears?

Netizens are criticizing who is remarrying whom, let’s wait and see.

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