Summer holidays are over…schools open again today !!

Tamil Nadu: All schools across Tamil Nadu are open today after the summer vacation is over.

Every year in Tamil Nadu school students are given summer vacation in May and after 1 month schools open in first week of June. As the parliamentary election results were announced on June 4, the school education department had initially announced that schools would open on June 6.

Following this, the school education department postponed the opening of schools to June 10 due to the heat wave in various parts of Tamil Nadu.

After the end of the school finals, the whole Tamil Nadu was on summer vacation from 25th April. In the new academic year, the schools were supposed to open on June 3, but today the schools have reopened on June-10.

In this case, since the one and a half month summer vacation is over and the schools have reopened today, the respective schools have also arranged to provide a psychological counseling course to all the students on the first day.

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