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Actress and singer Andrea Jeremiah is one of the few celebrities who have established a foothold in many fields in Tamil cinema. Andrea was the first singer to debut in Tamil cinema.

After that she continues to be successful as an actress. Kannum Kannum Nokia is a song from the 2005 film Stranger. The song was composed by Harris Jayaraj.

Introduction as a singer:

Andrea made her debut as a singer by singing a female voice in that song. The charm of that voice became more popular then. After that he got opportunities to sing not only in Tamil cinema but also in Telugu cinema.

Initially, Andrea mostly sang in the music of music composers Harris Jayaraj and Devi Sri Prasad. After that he got an opportunity to sing songs in many movies.

Reception as an actress:

In between, he also got an opportunity to act in films. Andrea played a supporting role in the movie Kanda Daan. Following this, he got opportunities to act in important roles in films like Pachikkili Muthucharam Ayirathil Oruvan and Mangatha.

In the midst of this, music composer Anirudh fell in love with her. The matter was a matter of great discussion at that time. In this situation, after starting to act as a heroine in the cinema, Andrea wanted to act in at least one movie with actor Vijay.

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Dream come true:

Even though she could not act opposite Vijay, she later got an opportunity to act with him. Andrea, who starred opposite Vijay in the film Master, can speak boldly about anything.

Andrea has spoken many times about the constant abuse of women in the film industry. In this situation, when he spoke about it in an interview, earlier they treated actresses very badly.

But now due to the emerging technology, after things like Me To came, actresses are starting to be treated with some respect, he said. Indeed, the Me Too problem is said to have made a big difference on a global scale.

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