I can’t live without it.. Always in my handbag.. Nadia Open Talk..!

When many actresses used to think that only if they act attractively they can get a great response in the cinema, some actresses have broken it and even acting without attractiveness in Tamil cinema have reached great heights.

Actress Nadia is prominent among such actresses. As for Nadia, she always appears in movies in very traditional attire.

Cinema Opportunity:

Perhaps even if he is acting in modern clothes, it will be on a fashionable level. This is why Nadia has a lot of fans in Tamil cinema. Nadia made her silver screen debut in 1984 with a Malayalam film.

After that he started getting opportunities in many films. In 1986, she made her debut as a heroine in Tamil cinema with the film Pookelai Phokkabehindi.

Development of Tamil Cinema:

After that, he got the opportunity to act in many movies like Bheve Unakakh, Nilve Malare. Actress Nadia was adamant that no matter how many big actors she got a chance to act with, she would only act without charm.

That’s why he never acted in movies with big actors like Rajini Kamal. Even with Rajini, Nadia acted as the heroine in a movie called Rajati Raja. After her marriage, Nadia did not act in many movies. She had acted in many movies before that.


nadhiya stills

Nadia settled in America after marriage and then m. Kumaran made a re-entry into Tamil cinema through Son of Mahalakshmi. Even after that, they were all the films that mentioned his name like Thamirapharani, Dudu, Patalam.

Because Nadia had important roles in all those movies. In a recent interview, Nadia said, “I can live without anything in my handbag. But you can’t live without a mobile phone.

He says that the mobile phone has become an important commodity. In fact, not only for Nadia, but in general, the mobile phone has become an important item for everyone.

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