Ambika in the farm house of the storm actor.

Actress Ambika was seen as a famous actress who flew the flag in South Indian cinema during the 80s.

She has acted in various hit films in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu as a leading star actress.

Actress Ambika:

He started his film journey with his sister Radha. After debuting with him, Budith became famous as Radha by acting in successive hit films.

Ambika, whose hometown is Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, was seen as a popular actress in Tamil cinema as well, acting in various hit films.

Apart from this she used to act as character actress and serial actress. A temple where one lives, one eye that never sleeps, if Ambikai comes in person. He has acted in films such as Nanam Ekur Yamadi, Makkal En Paka, Villathi Villain.

80s Hit Heroine:

Also, Ambika was a popular actress in the 80s who starred in various films including Aala Vandaan, Poornami Alailam, Anda Seydus, Sakalakala Vallavan, Jihve Mayam, Anpulla Rajinikanth, Utsara Manman, Padikathavan, Naan Sigappu Manman, Ithaya Kovil, Arunachalam.

Ambika, who used to act in films, started acting in Gunashitra Vedas as she got older.

Ambika has acted in various movies including Poovellam Khetabbar, Ananda Parkote, Uirodu Uyaga, Swayaamvaram, Jodi, Rami, Utthamaputran, Avan Ivan.

Ambika’s firecracker comedy in “Avan Ivan”:

Especially in the movie Awan Ivan, she acted as an action comedy actress as Vishal’s mother and kept everyone laughing.

actress ambika radha

If we look at the personal life of actress Ambika, who became a very talented actress, in 1988 R. I. Married to Premkumar Menon.

Two sons were born to Ambika. She settled in USA with her husband after marriage.

After that, due to disagreement with Premkumar, she divorced him and settled in Chennai and started acting in films again in 2000.

It was then that she fell in love with actor Ravikant and got married again. But within two years, due to a difference of opinion between the two, he also separated from him.

Ambika at the farmhouse with Vadivel:

Ambika, who was living alone with her sons without ever marrying anyone, was meanwhile rumored to be in a secret relationship with actor Vadivelu and used to visit the farmhouse with him from time to time.

actress ambika vadivelu

Famous controversial journalist Ranganathan has shocked by saying this. How many husbands do you have when I interviewed Ambika once? He said do the math for yourself.

But I only have two sons,” said Ambika with a smile. Ambika herself has said this and how many husbands she has had in her life.

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