This is the reason host Priyanka separated from her husband.. The famous actor threw the bomb..!

32-year-old VJ Priyanka has separated from her husband and is living alone. From time to time it is known through the videos that he publishes that he is living in his mother’s house.

She is seen as a famous host on Tamil television.

Host Priyanka:

Especially Vijay is seen as very famous by hosting various super hit shows on television.

He converted masses of people into fans because of his lively speech, realistic speech, and no-nonsense attitude.

It was on the recommendation of his close friend Magaba Anand that he got the opportunity to work as a television presenter in Vijay TV.

Hostess Priyanka made the most of it and continued to get opportunities.

Before coming to Vijay TV, he hosted many programs on various TV channels like Zee Tamil, Sun TV, Chutty TV, Sun Music, Star Vijay and continued to pursue his ambition and dream.

Programs hosted by:

Some of the popular shows he has hosted include Super Singer, Junior Super Singer, Jodi Number One, Kings of Comedy, Start Music.

Following this, he participated as a contestant in the Bigg Boss show. Her fans did not like her participation in Bigg Boss as a contestant.

vj priyanka2 2

He is going to spoil his name. Many people expressed their views that he is going to come out after earning a bad name.

But Priyanka appeared as a contestant on Bigg Boss and was seen as a contestant who won the hearts of the people as usual.

Meanwhile, if we take Priyanka’s personal life, she fell in love with her co-worker Praveen Kumar and got married.

Past them. The wedding took place in 2016. After a few years, it was reported that both of them got divorced due to differences of opinion.

The reason for this was that she did not publish any photos of her husband with her husband anywhere.

The grounds for divorce are:

The famous controversial journalist has created a big shock in a recent interview by saying that this is the reason for her husband Praveen Kumar’s divorce.

Means, VJ Priyanka used to live in her mother’s house before marriage. She never went to her husband’s house.

vj priyanka3 1

The husband does not care about the family or the husband at all. Because of this, her husband kept taking care of his mother, younger brother and younger sister’s daughter without going home, so there was an argument between the two.

Later, Bailwan Ranganathan said that this was the reason for their division.

Netizens are saying that this opinion of his is almost true. Priyanka stays at her mom’s house full time.

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