To make this organ of mine bigger.. this is what I did.. Honey Rose broke the secret..!

Most actresses want to look good all the time. They keep dressing themselves in different ways in order to look the same as a teenager with attractiveness despite their age.

Some will exercise, some will meditate, some will go beyond all this and perform surgery to enhance their beauty.

Hot Actress Haniros:

They engage in many artificial things like surgery to enlarge their small lips, surgery to enlarge their breasts and change their body according to their wishes.

With that, they wander around in the desire to shine with perfect beauty in the film industry.

Some netizens have criticized that a famous South Indian actress has become beautiful after undergoing an operation on her waist.

honey rose1

At this stage, the actress has given an explanation about this. Yes, she is seen as a popular actress acting in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other language films.

Honey Rose is the actress who continues to be a hot actress. She made her debut as an actress in Tamil with the super hit film Singham Puli starring Jeeva.

Popular South Indian Actress:

With that, she was seen as a familiar actress to Tamil cinema fans. Earlier in 2005, she made her debut as an actress through the Malayalam film Boyfriend directed by Vinyan.

Although she continued to give attractive roles in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. in a very bad way. Honey Rose will play the role of Assault in it.

Actress Honey Rose has earned a large fan base by acting in films with a beautiful body and showing off her attractive body.

Veera Simha Reddy played the role of Balakrishna’s mother in Telugu cinema starrer Veera Simha Reddy.

honey rose2

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old continues to post hot photos on social media without compromising her hotness.

At this time, many netizens criticized and criticized actress Haniros on social media saying that she was too fat.

Apart from that, she has undergone surgery to make her waist bigger and look attractive and she has been doing glamor photos for her own liking.

honey rose 7

Surgery on that organ:

Many people have criticized him and rejected it. But now Honey Rose has put an end to the bad news about it.

Yes I never had any surgery. My body looks this good only because of exercise.

He has also given a clear explanation that I am constantly exercising and polishing my body to make it beautiful. However, netizens are saying that it is not believable.

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