Anticipatory bail for Rahul Gandhi in defamation case

Anticipatory bail for Rahul Gandhi in defamation caseRahul has been granted anticipatory bail in the ongoing case of Congress advertising in newspapers accusing BJP of corruption.

Rahul Gandhi appeared in a Bangalore court today in a defamation case.

Bharatiya Janata Party has been filing a defamation case against former Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi has arrived in Bengaluru this morning to appear in court.

Chief Minister Seetharamaiah and Deputy Chief Minister Sivakumar welcomed him at the airport.

The Congress campaigned during the state assembly elections claiming that there was corruption in the BJP rule in Karnataka from 2019 to 2023. In particular, they said that Rs 2,500 crore was fixed for the post of chief minister and Rs 500 crore for the post of minister. Apart from that, they alleged that 75 percent commission was given in the matter of tender for anti-coronavirus equipment, 40 percent commission in public works tender, and 30 percent subsidy was given to religious organizations.

An advertisement was also given by the Congress in the newspapers in this regard. The main charge in the election campaign was that the government had committed 40% corruption by directly paying corrupt money to the Congress chief minister. The BJP filed a defamation case against the campaign. Rahul Gandhi, Siddaramaiah, D in defamation case. The court summoned K Sivakumar to appear before the court.

In the same case on June 2, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and Deputy Chief Minister TK Sivakumar appeared in person in the 42nd Criminal Sessions Court and got bail. In this case, Rahul Gandhi appeared in the court in person this morning, after the last summons in the court, where time has been requested twice.

Following this, the Bengaluru court has granted anticipatory bail to Rahul in the defamation case that the Congress had advertised in newspapers that the BJP was corrupt.

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