Super facility arrived at Chennai airport! Don’t wait any longer!

Super facility arrived at Chennai airport Dont wait any longer

Chennai Airport is one of the major airports in Tamil Nadu. International and domestic flights are operated from here. A large number of passengers travel from Chennai airport every day. The number of domestic and foreign travelers is continuously increasing.

In this situation Digiatra technology has been introduced in Chennai airport for face recognition.

Less waiting time
With this, passengers do not need to show their passport, Aadhaar card or other documents to the airport authorities. In other words, passengers only need to show their face. It also reduces the waiting time of passengers at the airport.

Digiatra project
The Digiatra project was launched last December 2022. Digiatra was introduced at various airports last year. While this facility is already available at 14 airports, it is reported that it will be introduced at 14 more airports this month.

Chennai Airport
Accordingly, Digiatra technology has been introduced at Chennai Airport.
Passengers who wish to use this technology must download and register the Digiatra app.

How to use?
They have to register their name, phone number and Aadhaar details. Before travel flight details, take a picture of yourself and upload it. Interested passengers can avail this technology.

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