Are you jealous when you see men in this matter? Rachita Mahalakshmi spoke openly..!

Rakshitha Mahalakshmi is an actress who started her career as a show host and then turned into a model.

She got an opportunity to act in serials by uploading her various photos as a model beauty on social media.

Rakshita Mahalakshmi:

Saravanan became hugely popular after playing the heroine in the Meenakshi series. The series also gave him a good mark.

He acted in a series of serials including Teh Bireom Chandhom. Earlier Rakshitha Mahalakshmi became famous as a serial actress by acting in Kannada serials before coming to act in Tamil serials.

Seeing her striking beauty, they started giving her a chance in Tamil serials. After that, she started acting in Tamil and created her own space and fan base.

Rakshita Mahalakshmi fell in love with and married actor Dinesh, who played the hero in the serial, while acting in the serial Privom Chandivom.

Dinesh – Rakshita Love Marriage :

They were seen as the best couple by the fans and were also talked about as an exemplary couple for many lovers.

While many described them as a very beautiful and wonderful couple, suddenly they got divorced and separated.

After divorcing her husband, Rakshita Mahalakshmi joined Bigg Boss as a contestant.

The fans also increased for Rakshita who made her identity and popularity through that show.


Rakshita was expected to change her mind and accept Dinesh after this show. But on the contrary, after coming out of the Bigg Boss house, Dinesh made a series of complaints.

Actress Rakshitha Mahalakshmi had complained that Dinesh was sending her obscene messages.

For men it looks like this:

But Dinesh had openly expressed his desire to live with Rakshita in several interviews.

Rakshita was recently publishing photos and videos of her going to planet earth after buying a new house for her birthday.

rakshitha 2

In a recent interview, Rakshitha Mahalakshmi openly said that I feel very jealous when I see men in this matter.

That is, men get ready in 5 minutes for any show. But for women it takes at least half an hour to an hour.

Actress Rachita Mahalakshmi has openly said that I feel jealous when I see men in this matter.

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