BJP has established a foothold in Kerala.. Suresh Gopi’s landslide victory in Thrissur.. Communist, Congress in shock

BJP has established a foothold in Kerala Suresh Gopis landslideThiruvananthapuram: BJP candidate actor Suresh Gopi has won a landslide victory in Thrissur Lok Sabha constituency, one of the important constituencies in Kerala. He won by a margin of 71,000 votes.

Thrissur constituency in Kerala has always been a stronghold of Congress and Communist parties. The situation is the same in Kerala as a whole. Due to this, other parties including BJP could not enter there. Moreover, Thrissur Constituency has more people who approach politics ideologically. So attractive promises and empty campaigns are never taken.

For that, it cannot be said that the people of Thrissur will vote only by looking at the party and ideology. Who is the candidate, what has he done for the constituency, whether he is a fresh face and whether he will really benefit the constituency, people will vote.

It is in this context that the BJP, which intends to win at least 5-6 seats in Kerala this time, has actively fielded candidates with popular influence. Prominent among them is leading Malayalam actor Suresh Gopi.

On behalf of Congress in Thrissur Constituency K. Muralitharan was stopped. Sunil Kumar was in the field on behalf of the Communist Party of India. Against them, the BJP has fielded mountaineer actor Suresh Gopi on behalf of the BJP. Initially, when Suresh Gopi was announced as the BJP candidate, the Congress and the Communists mocked it.

What northern state is this for the people to vote if the actor is fielded? They questioned. But as the campaign intensified, it was visible that the public support for Suresh Gopi was increasing exponentially. Despite Suresh Gopi’s controversial speech during the campaign, the BJP prevented it from turning into a pothole early on.

In this case, a total of 72.90 percent votes were recorded in the polling held in Thrissur on April 26. If the votes are so high in a constituency, it means that the people are in a mood against the ruling party. However, everyone was talking about whether the Congress or the Communists would win. In this context, BJP’s Suresh Gopi was leading by several thousand votes from the beginning of the counting of votes which started early this morning. In this case, it was announced that Suresh Gobi has won the Thrissur constituency after all the rounds of voting have ended. He won by a margin of 71,000 votes.

His rival, Communist Party of India candidate Sunil Kumar, is in second place. Congress candidate K. Muralitharan has been relegated to the third position. BJP has started a new account in Kerala with the victory of Suresh Gopi and has changed the history. Despite the BJP’s setback in other constituencies, BJP workers across the state are celebrating their victory in Kerala.

It is said that if the BJP wins in Thrissur this time, it will be the first attempt by the party in the state. Perhaps if Suresh Gopi wins, he will be credited with changing the electoral history not only in Thrissur but in Kerala as a whole.

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